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The passionate commitment of Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang, the founders of AURALiC Ltd, is to create a series of user-friendly
audio equipment combining modern audio technologies and sublime artworks. AURALiC products will provide music lovers a com-
pletelynew way of enjoying music, free from the sophisticated traditional audio equipment. Let the music revive with greatest vitality
and emotions at ease of use.

One co-founder, Xuanqian Wang, trained as a professional engineer in both electronics and recording engineering, has been working
on digital audio electronics design and music recordings for many years. Besides, Xuanqian Wang is also an accomplished pianist
through long years of training since childhood.

The other co-founder, Yuan Wang, studied sociology and management science in the United States. After graduation, he returned to
China and started an enterprise of precision instrument manufact- uring. The passion for music led him to work on music and audio
promotion quite actively in his spare time.

In the year of 2008, Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang met each other during the Festival of Waldbühne Berlin. It was the shared love of
music and the relentless pursuit of superior sound quality which brought the two young men together and inspired them to set up their
professional partnership to design and manufacture audiophile products. So was born AURALiC Ltd.

With the mission to capture and reproduce every tiny detail in recordings with purity and emotions, AURALiC produces high-end audio-
phile products both reliable and upgradable. Using the latest digital technologies, our products will bring live music back to music lovers
in the most agreeable and convenient way.

AURALiC, innovate technologies & inspire the music.